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Have your stone or concrete finished surfaces lost their “new look”? Over time these surfaces lose their natural lustre due to the nature of the stone or purely from traffic or the introduction of cleaners or organic residue.

Our cleaning and sealing service utilizes new technologies and methods to efficiently and competently clean your floors or walls and return your surfaces to their original finish.

BTSSS provides a cleaning and sealing service to protect your stone floor, walls or benchtops – whether they are new or you’ve had them for a while.

Cleaning is carried out using the latest Italian purpose designed stone cleaning equipment and cleaners while the sealers used are arguably the best in the world today and are used to create a variety of finishes.

Impregnating or Penetrating Sealers penetrate into the pores of the stone and do not leave a coating on the surface. These sealers do not need to be reapplied as often as a topical sealer because there is no surface coating to wear off – the down side to this is that they do not offer protection from scratching or etching.

Enhancing Sealers darken and enrich the colours of the stone surface and joints. They are also a penetrating sealer and as such do not leave a protective coating on the surface.

Topical Sealers coat the stone surface and act as a protective barrier against staining and foot traffic. They protect the surface from scratching and etching caused by acidic type contaminants however may deepen the colour of your stone. A gloss finish can be achieved if required by buffing the cured sealer to a shine however it tends to show scuffs, marks and wear paths in heavy traffic areas – this is remedied by reapplication of this process when required. Some topical sealers also contain additives that produce non-slip characteristics.

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