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Brisbane Tile & Stone Sealing (BTSSS) specialises in polished concrete, honed, full mechanical polish or grind and seal.  Polished concrete floors are a modern, low maintenance alternative to stone or ceramic tiles.

A variety of finishes are available for not only residential or commercial floors but also are perfect in industrial environments – whether it be a spectacular finish for your home or office or a more basic anti-slip finish for your warehouse or workshop floors.

There is simply no comparison to other floor systems when it comes to the life of a polished concrete floor.

The BTSSS technicians are able to offer you a wide range of available finishes to achieve the finish that you desire. The final product depends greatly on the colour, size and regularity of the aggregate present in your concrete.

BTSSS offers the prestige Klindex Superconcrete floor finish or for the more budget conscious a grind and seal option is available.

Our experienced technicians can complete a sample patch area on your slab (new or existing) to allow you a look at what colours are present and discuss what finish is best suited.

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